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What is Allt om Viker ?
All emigrants from Viker
This site is thought to give you a thorough historical knowledge about Viker in Nora bergslag and Örebro county, Sweden. New pages will be added all the time so came back regularly and check in the Newspage.
Unfortunately the site is still almost entirely written in Swedish. If there are something you don't understand you are most welcome to e-mail me. Perhaps also this online Swedish-English dictionary can be a little help.
  All emigrants from Viker are now searchable on this site. Besides general biographical data there are often also more detailed information about where they went. Go to the emigrant page and look if you can find your relative. If he/she isn't there or if you have additional information about them please e-mail me and tell about it so other people also can learn more.
Who makes Allt om Viker ?
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The site was started in the summer of 2000 by Håkan Henriksson in Örebro, Sweden. Since I do this all alone it means that updatings of the site are made when time admits. Please e-mail me all suggestions on how this site could be improved !

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  On January 31, 2004 the Viker site moved to This will of course mean a much easier address to remember, but there will also be other positive changes. More and bigger pictures will soon appear on the site since I now have much bigger web space to work with. The address to the English guide is

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